The Perfect Cheese Plate

The Perfect Cheese Plate

Are you having friends over for dinner party or even just an afternoon chat? My fav go to appetizer is a nicely arranged cheese board.

Setting up this presentation is one of my favorite parts of catering events. It is a great way to build a beautiful table on a budget. There are a few staples you need, but after that you can just use your imagination!

I start with a nice plate or rustic cheese board. Get a really nice aged cheddar and then two to four specialty cheeses. Try to pick ones that are slightly different in taste and color (you don’t want them all to have the same texture and color). If you aren’t sure what cheese to buy, ask the store for samples and pick ones that taste good to you.

Next, I cube the cheddar. I lay the specialty cheeses on the platter and fill in the areas in between each cheese with the cubed cheddar. Garnish with some fresh fruits like blackberries or figs. If you have some honey or jam, throw that onto the platter in a small container. Finally drop a handful of almonds, mixed nuts, fresh herbs or dried fruit onto each block of cheese.

I typically serve alongside a small plate of crackers or with a freshly toasted baguette.

Get in touch with us and let us build you the perfect cheese plate.